Wands Up: The Potter Fandom for Trans Rights Fundraiser

The Harry Potter fandom is celebrating July 31 the best way it knows how: by raising money for trans-supporting organizations.

We as a community are committed to using our platforms to create more positive change, and this joint fundraiser continues that commitment! Our starting goal is to raise a combined $5,000. All profit from any of the items on this page will be donated to trans-supporting charities.

The benefiting charities — Lambda LegalTrans Justice Funding Project, and the the Marsha P. Johnson Institute — are all organizations whose aims align with pressing challenges of this moment: to center leadership of trans people around their own experiences; to shield and protect civil rights for trans people, and to advocate for and defend the human rights of the Black trans community.

Thank you in advance for your support. We invite every person and entity to join us by sharing this fundraiser using the hashtag #WandsUp!


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